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employee handbook uk from RSM Bentley Jennison

Here are just a few testimonials from delighted clients who have used our 4policies and 4learning software - the technology upon which 4staffhandbooks is based....

"The breadth and depth of customisation in 4learning courses has made a real difference. The customisation means there is a very personal feel to the courses making it more relevant and appealing and avoiding the generic approach of many eLearning courses." Rob Paley, Education, Training and Development Manager, London based NHS Trust

"They have certainly lived up to expectations and delivered what they promised. The software is very easy to use and we found them to be responsive and helpful throughout." Lewis Bourne, Principal Information Security Officer, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

"We were very pleasantly surprised that they have such high quality eLearning courses at such a reasonable price. I am very happy to recommend them to other Councils." Carron Brant, Hull City Council

"I have been delighted with the way that 4policies solves a major headache for employers, namely; the amount of time and expense required in drafting policies and then not being able to prove that employees have read and understood the policies. This situation negates a very large part of the objectives behind the process. 4policies is a logical, flexible and easy to use package which supports properly drafted policies and procedures appropriate to any business and is of great value to organisations of all sizes. Furthermore, the correct deployment of 4policies ensures that many of an employer's potential vicarious liabilities are addressed effectively." Mike Hibbs ­ Senior Partner, Shakespeares

"The rollout has been very good. The ease of use and the feedback from users has been great. I am more than willing to positively endorse this software" Tee Patel, Enfield Council IT Security Analyst